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Well Water Protection You Can See

The most important asset on your property is your water well. Unfortunately it is often misunderstood and taken for granted. This lack of understanding increases the risk of contamination to the groundwater. Contamination can be a health risk to both people and livestock. Groundwater is an important resource that needs to be protected. Contamination of groundwater is hard to detect in early stages. By the time the problem is obvious, there is little that can be done to remove the contaminant from the system. It can take a very long time for contaminants to be flushed out, often decades or longer. Prevention of pollution is the only effective approach.

That’s where WellSeal™ comes in. WellSeal™ resists contamination from insects and vermin. WellSeal is also the only tamper evident seal for water wells currently on the market. You cannot take chances with the saftey of your water, WellSeal™ is the answer.

The WellSeal™ HG-400 Heat Gun was designed to provide a variable heat source for applications such as heat shrink tubing, shrink wrapping, setting apoxies, and much more where electricity may not be available. The WellSeal™ HG-400 can be used for many applications due to it’s continuously variable heat levels.

Keep your well safe, installing a WellSeal is simple.

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