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Frequently Asked Questions and News

Q       What size diameter well casing will WellSeal™ work on?
A       WellSeal is manufactured in several sizes: 6 inch is the most common but we offer up to 12 inch for commercial and municipal wellheads.

Q       Why WellSeal™?
A       WellSeal is low cost, it will last for years, and WellSeal™ is the only product available to provide protection for your well water.

Q       Can I have custom printing on the WellSeal™ seal?
A       We offer custom printing if you wish to have your own information or design on the seal. Yes, you can email an image to us. Specification for the image are included on the contact page.

Q       Is WellSeal™ necessary?
A       Read the well cap information from the National Ground Water Association. You can also read a Special Report from the National Intelligence Council on Global Water Security, and A Water Security and Emergency Preparedness Training Workbook from Homeland Security.

Learn how to protect this precious resource and safeguard your family’s health through properly constructed and maintained water well systems.