WellSeal Installation


Installing a WellSeal™

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Equipment Needed

  1. A WellSeal™ to fit over your well cap. (See “Measuring for your WellSeal”)
  2. Source of heat, such as a WellSeal™ HG-400 cordless heat gun, a corded heat gun or a hair dryer.


Slide the WellSeal™ over the well cap, taking care to fit it over the bolt heads.

Position it so that the text is opposite the conduit and the seal is extending approximately 1 inch above the top of the well cap.

Apply low, steady heat to shrink the WellSeal™. Start at the top of the side opposite the WellSeal™ logo. Work down and around both sides towards the logo. Continue to apply even heat until the WellSeal™ conforms to the wellhead. Be careful not to overheat, as too much heat will melt the WellSeal™, causing a hole.

How to Measure for a WellSeal

watch video to find your wellseal size