What Makes WellSeal Unique

Without a WellSeal anyone can easily access your well water by simply loosening a couple of bolts and removing your well cap. With the well cap off,  your water supply is vulnerable to tampering. The cap could be reinstalled and you would never know, until it is too late! WellSeal is the only product  currently available which provides a tamper evident seal for your well head. The patent pending WellSeal can be installed in just minutes and will provide years of visible security. WellSeal is a family owned and operated business committed to helping provide well water security, and available in dark green, making your well head less noticeable and blending into the landscape more easily.

Protecting Your Well Water is as Easy as 1-2-3.

Well Cap


It is important that prior to
installing a WellSeal™ to be
sure to inspect the well cap,
making sure it is clean and the
well cap is properly secured
and all fasteners are tightened.


Slide the WellSeal™ over
the well cap and well casing
until approximately 1 inch
remains above the well cap.


Starting from the top and
away from the printed area,
apply heat evenly. Work
down and around in both
directions toward the printed
area. Continue to heat the WellSeal™
until it conforms to the shape
of the well head.


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